Know How Often to Clean Toys in Childcare

Do you run childcare? You are responsible for maintaining the health of the children who come to your place. You need to ensure the well-being of children and win the heart of parents who trust you and leave their children on your premises for a long time.

So, how often should toys be cleaned in childcare? Toys should be cleaned frequently every week. If toys are used daily for the children to play, then clean them daily. We will discuss in detail the frequency of toy cleaning, and its vital tips and guides that will help your childcare centre.

Frequency of Toy Cleaning in Childcare Centre

It’s crucial to be aware of the actual frequency of toy cleaning in childcare. It’s something that depends on multiple factors like the age of the children, and the type of toy policy of the childcare facility. Apart from this, you can consider various general guidelines;

1. Regular Cleaning

You should find out those toys that children use most frequently but don’t touch with their mouths. Some of them are puzzles, plastic figures, building blocks, etc. You can clean these toys regularly. Cleaning these toys also depends on their usage and the number of available kids in the childcare. Regular toy cleaning is the best option for these toys.

2. Immediate Cleaning

Childcare has some toys that become contaminated with bodily fluids, such as feces or vomiting. All you need to do is to clean these toys quickly. It is vital to take quick action to prevent germs and to maintain a safe environment. Caregivers working with childcare facilities should follow protocol to act fast to address any such situation. They need to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization of various affected toys.

3. Day-to-Day Cleaning

There are some toys that children take in their mouths directly. Most of these toys include pacifiers, teething, rattles, and others. You can clean these toys on a day-to-day basis. Apart from this, toys that are shared among toddlers and infants should also be cleaned properly.

4. Weekly Cleaning

Weekly toy cleaning is another crucial practice that most childcare facilities practice. The main purpose of this practice is to ensure the safety of kids. Weekly cleaning serves its actual purpose of preventing bacteria, germs, viruses, etc. which cause illness.

5. Monthly Cleaning

Monthly toy cleaning is crucial to maintain hygiene and also prevents the spread of germs and infections. It ensures better health for children and also promotes an entirely safe and clean environment for kids in a play area. Every childcare centre should at least go for monthly cleaning services from professionals.